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Forms of Gambling in Lithuania

Playing casino Lithuania online games against real dealers, for example, is an amazing experience due to zero lags. Therefore, Lithuania offers everything that is needed to get a good gambling experience: High internet speeds, ios casinos, and android casinos, legalized gambling, and plenty of sites to roll the dice. But, which of these websites offer the best overall experience? More importantly, why the players from Lithuania cannot see many local casino sites? We will answer both of these questions and provide you an updated list of best online casinos in Lithuania. Let’s start by talking about the status of online gambling in Lithuania and answer the second question first.

Bingo in Lithuania

Bingo is legal but not very popular in Lithuania. There aren’t any bingo halls in Lithuania currently. Online bingo is illegal, as long as the provider has a local gambling licence.

While bingo is permitted by way of the Republic of Lithuania Gaming Law, there is currently no bingo being operated in the country at this time. Gaming Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.

Poker in Lithuania

Poker fans from Lithuania will find our resource comfortable and relevant as search of info we provide with takes a lot of time. You will find a list of all working poker clubs in Lithuania as well as all the information you might need about them, including location and all the games that will take place there.

Olympic is the main provider of poker in Lithuania. At any given time, around 33 poker tables are open on a daily basis in the country. Poker tournaments are found at the larger casinos, with cash games also available to a smaller degree. A lot of this topic was covered in our intro. Land-based casino gambling is legal in Lithuania. Licences are issued by The Gaming Control Authority.

Poker is quite possibly the most popular card game of all time. You can find poker tables in most of the land-based casinos in Lithuania. A recently issued law prohibits online gambling providers from operating without a local licence. This applies to poker websites as well.

Most tables will have No Limit Hold Em, with PLO, and possibly other games found on occasion. Poker is an “On Demand” type of game in some casinos. 토토 If players want more tables, they may open more tables. If a specific game wants to be played, the dealers may oblige.

Sports Betting And Other Gambling in Lithuania

Sports betting is found at almost all casinos in Lithuania. Licenses to operate a casino in the country cover table games, slots, and sports betting which allows anyone with a license to offer sports betting.

Lithuania’s national sport is basketball. The Lithuania men’s basketball team had significant success in basketball tournaments as they won the EuroBasket in 3 occasions and earned 8 other medals in EuroBasket, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Lithuania produced a number of NBA players too.

Casino Gambling Legal Regulations in Lithuania

Legal Regulations

As of now in Lithuania only gambling in land based casinos is legal. All forms of gambling in the online version are not regulated. In 2012 Lithuanian Parliament approved the project of the new Act in the first reading, but since then there has been no further steps to legalize this form of gambling. The draft law imposes a limit on casinos - the limit is up to 20. In addition, operators applying for a license of an Internet Casinos will have to obtain a license of at least on land based casino, 5 bets on horse racing, 10  penny arcades or 20 National Lottery points. The draft of law also grants right to the authority to govern online gambling, therefore to contact Internet suppliers to block domains of illegal operators

If you are going to make your bets in an LTL casino, you may want to learn that the Lithuanian online gambling laws have recently changed and now not all the gambling venues are considered to be legal online casinos in Lithuania. In the following short guide, we’ve covered the most important questions about the online gambling industry in Lithuania for you to know more about the safe online gambling Lithuania and play in the best online gambling sites of Lithuania only.

Currently in Lithuania only land based gambling is regulated. Besides that any other form of gambling is not regulated. On the territory of Lithuania there are currently 17 land based casinos which belong to 4 operators. Gambling has been regulated in 2001. Gambling industry is regulated by …….. which is under the Ministry of Finance which is responsible for regulating and control of the whole gambling activity in a country. The main aim of the Act is to regulate gambling in the field of commercial benefits of casino games that include mainly table games, slot machines, including slot machines in categories A and B, bingo, lottery and betting.

In 2012 Lithuanian Parliament approved approved the project of the new Act in the first reading, but since then there has been no further steps to legalize this form of gambling.


The Lithuanian government proposed legalized online gambling and licensing by next year with regulation by Gambling Supervisory Authority and the use of ISP blocking.

The country has been working towards a more formal licensing process instead of their state-backed monopoly, but they haven't gotten to the point of making it a reality yet. The following types of licenses have been provided: Table games and Category A slot machines, Category B Slot machines, Sports betting, Bingo and Wagers The license is issued by the Committee once the approval has been received from the bodies of local governance.  스포츠토토 It's unclear what level of trust would be had in their future licensing process because of how they have tried to squeeze out competition for their state monopoly in the past. The European Commission has been pushing for Lithuania to regulate the industry, however, so that could be a good push in the right direction.

These type of operations cannot be run by persons with a criminal record or persons known for their ties with criminal groups. Gambling advertising in Lithuania is banned. Gambling establishments cannot be located in apartment buildings or in close proximity to health or educational institutions. Only marked and licensed equipment will be allowed to be used in the games. The founders are not allowed to conduct any other activities. Players can only gamble when they reach 18 years of age. Income tax on operations of gaming establishments is 15% and is paid once in a quarter.

Forms of Gambling in Lithuania

Bingo in Lithuania Poker in Lithuania Sports Betting Playing casino Lithuania online games against real dealers, for example, ...